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“Jesus is in the Quran and it says to respect Budhist monks. Bhudda was a Hindu, and pagans were in the Quran. In the bible there were Jews. So when we disrespect the Quran and Islam we are disrespecting their faith.”

Glen Jenvey, 6 December 2020

My photo album:


Meeting Abu Maz in London in 2009.

At the airport in China in 2020.

On board a plane in 2020.

With Paul in the Great Hall in Winchester in the past.

Vladamir Putin and the Turkish and Iranian world leaders at a summit in the past.

Rememberance Sunday with parishioners taken in the past.

Biopic of Glen Jenvey

At the Russian embassy in London at the 2018 football world cup photo shoot.

The visa section of the Russian embassy in London. Taken in the past and accessed: 7 December 2020.

Glen Jenvey was born in 1965 and was an orphan child. He was adopted in 1971 to foster care with a close knit family. Mr Jenvey felt strongly about the troubles in Northern Ireland and greatly wished for a peaceful resolution to this. His life story draws inspiration from an experience and association with a senior Soviet diplomat which occurred in 1983.